Gas Logs at Pisgah Ridge

Lighting gas logs is easy once you know how. The key is to light the pilot. This guide will show you how to do it.

The unlit unit has a little panel on the bottom. Pull the handle to open it up.
If the pilot is lit, all you do is turn the knob counter clockwise. The logs will light up.
If the unit is off, it will look like this.
Turn the knob counter clockwise to the Pilot position.
Push the knob in and hold it, while pressing the red Ignitor button. Keep holding the knob.
The pilot will light. Keep pressing the knob in until it warms up, about 30 seconds.
Release the knob. The pilot should stay lit. Now slowly turn the knob counter clockwise.
The logs will light. Congratulations! They will automatically turn off when you reach the temperature you choose with the knob. They will come on again when the temperature drops. To turn off, return the knob to the Pilot position. Please leave it in that position for the next guests.


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